Third place or What ?  

Curatorial project at Tick-Tack gallery

TICK TACK in collaboration with ENSAV – La Cambre and the masters of ESPACE URBAIN invite you to the group exhibition ‘Third place or What?’

Brought together by Jules Flamen and Paul Gérard, coordination by Laure Cottin Stefanelli with Cédric Noël and Raymond Balau.
Event coordination by Louise Goegebeur.

Third place or What? hypothesizes the existence of a third place, an informal zone as a junction between rational space, our personal and collective fictions and our lived experience.

With works by
Xavier Duffaut (BE)
Jules Flamen (FR)
Paul Gérard (BE)
Romane Iskaria (FR)
Lucine Letassey (FR)
Anna Safiatou Touré (FR/ML)
Charlotte Quinonero (BE).


Each video featured in this program transform the filmed territories into a space of memory by referring to ancient rituals and architectural heritage. Thus, the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are turned into a mausoleum, a botanical laboratory is personified, the Kurdish mountains are the setting of a tomb and clay objects scattered over the city of Dakar invoke our common cultural legacy.

With videos by
Medhi Gorbuz (BE)
Ophélie Hilbert (FR)
Anna Safiatou Touré (FR/ML)